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With more than 30 years of dedicated research, at L'Oréal Paris, we know your skin inside and out, whether it’s normal, dry, dull, aging or combination. Our skincare creams are developed and rigorously tested with leading skin experts and scientists worldwide. Proven science, our cutting-edge innovations are captured in luxurious textures for a sumptuous skincare experience.


✓ Dermatologist-tested
✓ Non-comedogenic
✓ Paraben-free
✓ Suitable for sensitive skin



Gold standard ingredients

Naturally present in the upper layers of the skin, is one of the star active ingredients used to combat photo-aging, particularly wrinkles and pigmentation disorders.
A natural agent found in the epidermis layer of the skin. It plays a vital role in preserving the skin’s tone and elasticity, but also maintaining this famous hydration: it’s the main reason why younger skin is naturally plump, full and smooth.
Centella Asiatica, traditionally used as medicinal plant in India and China, is known for its wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties.
An anti-aging molecule stemming from L’Oréal Research & Innovation. It promotes the creation of an optimal cellular environment; it also reinforces skin remodeling by stimulating collagen synthesis and epidermal regeneration.
Its sap is universally acknowledged to have therapeutic properties and cosmetic benefits such as anti-inflammatory and moisturizing actions that help restore the skin barrier.
In traditional Moroccan medicine, argan oil is a classic wound-healing agent, notably used to reduce superficial marks and scars. In cosmetology, it is used for its nourishing, regenerative and anti-aging properties.
Charcoal is an indisputable detoxifier. Its porous and cavity-filled structure traps toxins, gas and bacteria. Its absorbent properties suck out toxins, purify skin and help cells regenerate. It leaves skin squeaky clean and germ-free. The results? A clear, blemish-free, glowing complexion.
In cosmetology, clays are used for their ability to bind oils and their sebum-absorbing, purifying action.
Glycerin is a simple active ingredient that works wonders on our skin. Firstly, it hydrates skin. Secondly, it's an anti-aging powerhouse. Thirdly, it repairs skin. Finally, it protects skin.
A worthy anti-aging acid. Glycolic acid can deeply penetrate the epidermis to stimulate cellular activity. It is often added to anti-aging and anti-blemish treatments to hydrate, brighten and tone our skin.
Manuka Honey, naturally found in New Zealand, is packed with nutrients and calcium to nourish and hydrate dry skin. It's a perfect winter ally, that helps you restore glow and softness to the skin.
Vitamin E is recognized as one of the best antioxidants there is. It actively fights against oxidation caused by free radicals, which accelerate the aging of the skin. This skin saviour ensures the flexibility and fluidity of cell membranes and is critical in maintaining skin’s suppleness and elasticity.

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Anti Aging products

Combining science and beauty, L’Oréal has more than 30 years of research dedicated to creating the best skin care products. The wide variety of skin care products accommodate for any skin type and age. Discover the world of innovative anti-aging skin care and uncover youthful looking skin with the best anti-aging products including everything between the best anti-aging cream to anti-aging serums. Reveal smoother and softer skin with anti-aging creams while reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Replenish your damaged hair with L’Oréal’s hair mask treatments and browse L’Oréal’s volumizing and waterproof mascaras to lengthen your beautiful lashes.

How to apply skin care products?

Step 1. Start off with a cleanser that matches your skin type When it comes to cleansers, the best skincare products help target your ideal skin. For clear skin, take the L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Cleanser and lather it on your hands, then massage into your skin, focusing on breakouts and your T-zone. Then gently rub your skin as you rinse.

Step 2. Pamper your skin with a face mask Once your skin is clean, go for a face mask to target your skin problems. The best skincare products for breakouts are clay masks that help remove impurities. Want a quick facemask? Leave a scrub on for a few minutes, like the L’Oréal Paris Pure Sugar Scrub as a great face mask in a pinch.

Step 3. Layer moisturizers and go the distance with your skincare Apply both a thin and thick moisturizer as the best skincare products to finish off your routine. First use a thinner moisturizer on clean skin like the L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Skin Renewal and massage it in by patting it in. Then put a thicker formula on top to help lock in moisture. They’re also the best anti aging cream formula to target wrinkles, like the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift.

Which anti aging cream actually work?

To see the amazing results from your anti-aging cream, go for the best skincare products within the same line. For the best anti-aging cream in the day time, go for our L’Oréal Paris Revitalift line with SPF to confidently go out in the sun, while minimizing the look of wrinkles. Pat the serum on to let it absorb and go in with the moisturizer for the best anti-aging cream protection.

Want an overnight anti-aging formula?The best night cream for your anti-aging routine is our L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Skin Renewal line. To have your skin looking renewed, use them everyday for the best anti-aging cream effect.



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