What’s the Best Way to Apply Eye Cream?

There’s an eye cream to help treat every concern from dark circles to fine lines and a proper eye-cream application to help make the most of it.

1. How to apply eye creams to nourish and reduce the appearance of puffy eyes

In health and beauty, a small act of prevention can have a big impact. So, if you’re starting to notice signs of aging around the eyes, now is the perfect time to add an eye cream to your skincare essentials. With its ultra-light, non-greasy formula, L’Oréal Paris Eye Defense Cream Gel will fit into your morning and evening routine effortlessly. It absorbs quickly, making an excellent base for eye makeup, and is loaded with ingredients to target premature aging. A blend of caffeine and hyaluronic acid. This eye cream for puffy eyes works to help reduce puffiness and swollen eyelids, smooth subtle lines and wrinkles and lessen dark circles. To apply it:

1. Use your finger to apply a small amount of eye cream in three dabs under each eye.

2. Start with one pat under the centre of your iris, align another with the arch of your eyebrow and put the third at the outer corner.

3. Use a light touch to smooth the eye cream into your skin, massaging outward.

2. How to apply eye creams to lift to saggy eyes

Thirty: That’s the age when the body’s natural collagen production starts to slow down.

Collagen is a major building block responsible for youthful, smooth skin, and this slowdown is the reason why around this time changes in your skin’s overall texture and fullness may become more apparent. The eye contour area specifically can be prone to a prominent display of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, undereye bags and sagging.

But wait, there’s good news! You can give skin a fast-acting boost with L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Triple Power LZR Eye Cream. It’s proven to smooth skin’s texture in one week and increase skin elasticity after four weeks. The intensive eye treatment combines hyaluronic acid, which quickly absorbs into skin to manage wrinkles with its plumping action, with Pro-Xylane, a patented L’Oréal Paris ingredient, which helps stimulate collagen production.

The creamy formula, housed in a sleek tube, makes application simple yet luxurious.

1. Squeeze out a small amount while running the tip gently underneath the eye from the inner to the outer corner

2. Use the contoured metal tip to massage it into the skin.

3. You can even stash it in the fridge for a few minutes before using to elevate the cooling experience and smoothing effect.

3. How to apply eye creams designed to firm skin

No matter your skin type, aging can have a drying effect. As skin becomes challenged to retain naturally occurring moisture levels and nourishing lipids, fine lines, wrinkles and laxity around the eyes can become enhanced. If you’re aged 35 or older, try L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Eye Cream. It contains two tried-and-true ingredients in one powerful formula: pro-retinol (a derivative of vitamin A, this beauty-industry fave delivers smoothing and brightening benefits) and Centella asiatica (an effective moisturizer, also known as tiger grass, that’s popular in traditional Chinese medicine). Blended into an ultra-soft cream that’s free of parabens, fragrance, colorants and dye, this eye cream is also safe for sensitive skin.

1. Using the ring finger, pat the eye cream along the orbital bone, in a semi-circle at the outer corner

2. Massage it into the skin.

3. For optimal anti-aging results 24/7, layer it under L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Day Moisturizer SPF25 during the day and useit over L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Night Moisturizer in the evening.

4. How to apply eye creams to brighten dark circles

When it comes to aging around the eyes, fine lines and wrinkles are only part of the picture. Dark circles can be just as pesky. And biology doesn’t help: Skin under the eyes is inherently much thinner than elsewhere on the face or body, which allows darkness and discoloration to peek through easily. The result? Tired-looking eyes that don’t seem to look any better even when you get solid beauty sleep. But finding an anti-aging eye cream designed to revive can be a rise-and-shine solution. L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Rosy Tone Eye Cream contains imperial peony and offers a subtle blush tone that makes eyes look younger, brighter and more awake.

1. Apply a small swipe of eye cream under your eyes

2. Gently massage it into the skin, sweeping from the inner to the outer corner.

3. Using a light pressure will encourage circulation for a healthy, rested appearance, while the whipped texture smooths wrinkles and blurs and visibly corrects dark circles immediately.

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