Trending Now: Press-on Nails

Press-On nails make it super easy to try out new nail styles. With loads of different designs and shapes, Press-Ons not only make it so easy to try out a new colour and design but also provide you instantly with extra nail length without the hassle of waiting for your nails to grow. They are also a great alternative to achieving salon quality gel nails in the comfort of your own home! Colour Riche Press On Nails also come in a range of different designs. You are sure to find a design that fits you perfectly even if you are used to a classic nail rather than a bold design.

Press-On nails are also a trend widely seen on some of our favorite celebrities! Some celebrities are using them to simply elevate their nails, while others are benefiting from the ability to change up their nail styles quickly rather than wait for acrylic or gel nails to grow out!

Press-Ons are also a staple statement piece favored by nail artists on the red carpet. Nail artists are able to create designs in advance, and apply it exactly when needed to create the desired effect. Whether it is bold design or a more subtle classic design, they are also the perfect statement piece to finish off any look. Now, if you’re wondering here are the simple steps to follow when using our Press-On Nails:

Step 1: Pick a design that you think is best suited for you! Depending on what style you want to go for, we have many different designs available. For a more classic style, pick the style “Nude Velvet” or “Parisian Ombre”. For a slightly more bold look pick a design like “Walk the Line” or “Holo World”. For when you want to dazzle everyone and make a statement, pick a style such as “Pop Star”, “Cosmic Dreams”, or “Lucky Penny”.

Step 2: Wash your hands thoroughly. Ensure that your nail is clean and there is no polish residue from past manicures.

Step 3: Select correct size of press-on nails for each finger.

Step 4: Appy adhesive sticker slightly smaller than each natural nail. Peel off backing

Step 5: Apply the press-on nail then press down the middle and down each side firmly.

Step 6: For best wear, repress a few times. PRO TIP: avoid any contact with water for the first hour after applying your press-on nails. This will ensure you get the maximum wear.

The results are perfect, every time!

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