Revitalift Serum Seminar

LIVE 30 Minutes – May 5, 8, 16, 19 @3PM EST

Want to upgrade your skincare routine? Learn everything you need to know from L'Oréal skin expert, Dr. Rocio Rivera and beauty influencer, Safinaaz in this LIVE masterclass on face serums and the top dermatologist recommended ingredients you need to add to your skincare routine.



What You Will Learn

• A comprehensive overview on face serums.
• How Pure Hyaluronic Acid, Pure Retinol, Pure Glycolic Acid and Pure Vitamin C can improve your anti-aging routine.
• A sneak peek of an upcoming L'Oréal Paris product launch.
• LIVE Q&A with Dr. Rocio Rivera.
• BONUS! All participants will have a chance to win a Revitalift Serum.

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About Your Hosts

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DrRocio Serum Seminar Web

Your Host: Dr. Rocio Rivera, PH.D. L’Oreal Paris Head of Scientific Communications

L'Oréal Paris skin expert Dr. Rocio Rivera will lead the seminar and help you understand the benefits of HA, Retinol, Glycolic Acid, and Vitamin C serums for your anti-aging routine.

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Your Co-Host: Safinaaz, Lifestyle Content Creator

For almost a decade, Safinaaz (@thegreycanvas) worked in the tech sector as an engineer at Microsoft before she became a highly recognized, lifestyle influencer known for her fashion. Through her blog, The Grey Canvas, and her other social platforms, she produces high-quality, authentic content reflecting her personal style, beauty and travel. In addition to being a full-time content creator, Safinaaz is also mom to her two beautiful twins that keep her on her toes!

Revitalift Triple Power LZR Serums

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