Get your curls ready for the rest of summer!

If you have curly hair you know, first hand that managing your day-to-day hairstyle can be a handful. You never really know what you’re going to get in the lovely world of curls. One day you’re flying high with the most well defined curls and the next day is a frizzy nightmare. Take the guess work out of styling your hair with Stylista #Curls and these two summer curl tips. 

Tips to Help Revive Your Summer Curls

  1. Use Haircare products that help restore moisture

Curly hair needs moisture the most! If you’re noticing that your curl pattern is starting to loosen or your hair has become more prone to fizziness, and feels dry, then your hair is most likely lacking moisture. To address this issue look for products that help to nourish the hair. From your shampoo to your styling, products always keep hair hydration in mind. Sufficiently moisturized hair is a step in the right direction when it comes to making your curly hair more manageable.

  1. Turn down the heat

Stay cool – forget about straighteners and blow dryers... for now. 

Summer is the best time to give your curls a break from heat styling. It’s no secret that excessive heat styling can lead to damaged and weak hair. To help address this issue look for products that enhance your hair’s natural curl pattern. A diffuser is a great indirect heat styling alternative to a blow dryer. Diffusers causes much less damage and help to augment your curls. 

Get to know the Stylista #Curl range

If you have wavy to curly textured hair the Stylista Curl Defining Spray will help you maximize, define and tame your curls. This lightweight formula transforms your waves to well-defined curls that hold for 24 hours without having to compromise on natural movement or softness. Our Curl Defining Spray is formulated with Goji extract a well-known super-food that also has amazing benefits for the hair. Goji extract helps to promote hair growth by stimulating the scalp allowing for better nutrient absorption, as well as relieving the scalp and hair of dryness.

For curly to coily textured hair the Stylista Curl Defining Cream is your best bet to help nourish and define your curls during these summer months. Forget having to choose between the style you want, frizz control and hair hydration! Stylista Curl Defining Cream is infused with coconut oil - a great natural conditioner and detangler that has numerous hair benefits like helping to repair dry and damaged hair.

For more on Stylista check out our range styling products here.

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