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Four Reasons to Try an At-Home Hair Colour Gloss

High shine! Balanced tones! Vibrant colour…and more! Here are the reasons you’ll want to try an at-home hair colour gloss ASAP.

Whether you’re pursuing an icy-blond ambition, you’re a confident brunette bombshell or you’re stoking fiery redhead flames, there’s one trait every hair colour longs for: shiny, vibrant colour! At the salon, a customized gloss treatment mixed up by a pro colourist is the secret to giving you the hair colour of your dreams in all its glossy glory. You might even pop in for a gloss-only appointment between colouring to re-up on the results, since it fades over time. But now you can have the same hair gloss treatment at home—right into your very own shower—with L’Oréal Paris Le Color Gloss. It’s a one-step glossing toner that doesn’t require mixing, and its gentle ammonia-free formula won’t damage fragile colour-treated strands. What exactly is a toning treatment, you ask? In a salon, a toning treatment typically helps to remove unwanted undertones using a demi-permanent formula. A toning salon treatment can also be done on its own in-between colour appointments to refresh your strands. L’Oréal Paris Le Color Gloss lets you recreate the toning benefits at-home and in addition, it also has the ability to take down brassy tones while giving you a colour boost. And it works fast! In just a few minutes, hair colour is revived and luminous. Intrigued? For everything you need to know about this game-changing hair treatment, let’s take a closer look at four reasons to try at-home hair colour gloss. Intrigued—but don’t colour your hair? You should read on, too! A hair gloss can work wonders for natural hair colour as well.

  1. It enhances shine.

The act of colouring hair can do a lot aesthetically. (So long, greys; hello, dimension and face-framing highlights!) But the chemical process itself is notoriously drying, which in the end leaves hair dull. In addition to choosing a gentle sulphate-free shampoo formulated to nourish colour-treated hair, using an in-shower hair gloss treatment is the best way to bring radiance back into the picture. To achieve an even, luminous finish, you’ll want to distribute the hair gloss product throughout cleansed, damp hair from roots to ends. If you have curls or if your hair has a thicker texture, using a wide-tooth comb can help with this step. Each shade in the L’Oréal Paris Le Color Gloss collection is designed to enhance shine within a specific hair colour while also offering toning benefits (more on that below). If you’re thrilled with your hair colour as is (yay!) and just want a legit hair shine treatment, then try the Clear hair gloss formula—it won’t alter colour at all.

  1. It tones your shade.

Fact: If you’ve lightened your hair in any way, that molecular alteration reduces the melanin left in your strands; this allows unwanted tones to peek through as the dye fades. And if you’re trying to stick to the cooler side of the colour wheel overall (picture full-on platinum blond) or if you’ve incorporated icy highlights into your medium or dark hair, those warm, orangey-red hues are not a welcome sight. A hair gloss at home is a shortcut to nipping brassy tones in the bud. The purplish shade of the Cool Blonde serum formula will help counterbalance the warm tones that are trying to take over lighter hair, while the coffee bean tint in Cool Brunette neutralizes the brassiness in brown or black hair. Basically, the hair gloss colours are a-plenty for all hues!

3. It boosts hair colour.

Beyond shine and toning benefits, L’Oréal Paris Le Color Gloss shades are designed to help infuse hair with a subtle tint that recaptures hair colour vibrancy. Suitable for slowing the roll of colour-treated fading or amping up a natural shade, everyone from buttery blonds to inky brunettes are equally covered. Looking to add a spicy note to your auburn or copper ’do? There’s a gloss for that, too! Plus, with results that last about 10 days and up to three applications per tube, you’re looking at all the benefits of a colour refresh with delightfully low commitment. Recommended for use once a week or less, it’s easy to incorporate into your hair-care routine. And while it won’t lift, cover or lighten greys, it will bring your colour back to life.

  1. It deeply conditions.

By now you know that a hair colour gloss is a multi-tasking treatment that enhances shine, balances tones and boosts colour. But there’s one more benefit this power player delivers beautifully, and that’s deep conditioning. Thanks to a coconut-oil-infused blend that’s also free of ammonia, sulphates and mineral oil, your post-hair gloss strands will feel intensely conditioned, healthy and soft.

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