At-Home Solution To Longer, Volumized Lashes

  1. Lash Serum

Have you just recently removed lash extensions? If the answer is yes, you are probably noticing that your lashes may look brittle and shorter. Before attempting to coat these lashes with mascara, focus on nourishing them with the L’Oréal Paris Lash Serum. This serum gives you a thicker-looking lash fringe in 4 weeks. It’s nourishing formula is formulated with a lash caring complex containing ingredients such as Glycerin, Pro Vitamin B5, hyaluronic acid, madecasside and arginine. Literally, everything you need for stronger, healthier looking lashes!

  1. Lash Primer

Once you are ready to start applying mascara to your lashes, it’s important to consider adding a lash primer as a base coat in order to amplify your lash look. We suggest using Voluminous Original Lash Primer as it works perfectly with your favorite L’Oreal Paris mascara. It creates a boosting effect, building dramatic volume and length on each lash. It will also condition your lashes over time for soft nourished lashes.

Apply two coats of primer for more impact. Place the brush at the base of the lashes and gently sweep up to the tip.

  1. Mascara

The best part! Once you’ve nourished your lashes you can coat them with the mascara of your choice! If you want dramatic volume use L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara to build intense volume and length. For an intense length effect, we suggest L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara to lengthen sparse and short lashes. Are you looking for defined volume? L’Oreal Paris Bambi Eye Mascara provides an instant eye opening defined volume as well as lash by las separation and curl! Finally, if you are used to a dramatic lash extension effect, we recommend L’Oreal Paris Double Extension Beauty Tube Mascara. This mascara will lengthen and thicken for a false lash effect.

Following the proper lash routine is essential to creating your at-home lash look without the hassle and costs of a salon lash extension service!

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