3 Lipstick Trends for Spring

These lipstick trends embody a “go bold or go home” style mantra

If you’re like us, you’ve heard the expression “Go bold or go home” a thousand times. Clearly, it has its moments. Like when you’re getting dressed for a work presentation you’ve been creating for weeks, giving yourself the you-go-girl pep talk before a hot first date (swiping right finally paid off!) or signing the papers for a new mortgage. Hey, sometimes even meeting your squad for cocktails and manis can demand a little cheek and swagger! And we think there’s no better or prettier way to make these silently powerful statements than with your lipstick. Especially when the lippie shades you’re swiping on are the brightest and most vibrant range of corals and reds. Here’s how to emulate three “Go bold or go home” lip looks that will have you beautifully covered this spring and beyond.

  1. Bold and matte with a strong lip line

With a “Go bold or go home” tagline for this season’s latest lipstick trend, it only makes sense to feature a matte lip with an edge. And we don’t just mean the outer edge. Applying a vibrant matte coral hue like L’Oréal Paris’s Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Lipstick Les Macarons Collection in Mademoiselle Mango, complete with a defined outer line, gives every bold makeup expectation a bright, eye-popping and wondrous surprise. Plus, with its high-impact liquid formulation, you can apply as thin or as thick a layer as you like without it budging or feeling sticky. The lipstick’s applicator also allows you to clearly shape and define your lip look.

  1. Signature red with a twist

Possibly the most perennial lipstick trend is, of course, red. The bold hue has been a favourite since the Roaring Twenties, when virtually every woman complemented her smoky eye and highly coiffed bob with a crimson lip. The shade ebbs in and out of style each year, typically making its grand appearance on fall runways before it reaches wintery sidewalks, but this time we’re embracing the ultimate makeup statement in spring—so naturally it comes with a twist. With the latest lipstick trend, red is worn bold and intense on the inside of your lip with a softer, more natural outline.

Easy to brush on with a lip brush, dab on with your fingertip or smooth on directly with the lipstick tube, your favourite red can be applied all over your lips with as much intensity as you like. To get the look, try L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick in True Red. The creamy formula smooths on easily, allowing you to control how much pigment you want and where you want it to go. Then take a clean makeup brush and sweep it inward toward the centre of your lips to quickly and lightly blur your lip line for that desired (and, let’s face it, desirable!) sensual effect.

  1. Big and bold yet low maintenance

Bold coral or red on your lips creates a show-stopping effect, but did you know that when you paint on a shiny, almost sheer lip colour, like L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Plump and Shine in Watermelon Plump or Nectarine Plump, it can turn crimson into a glossy, radiant hue that’s easy and comfortable to wear? And there’s the added benefit of your lips looking and feeling softer and plumper, thanks to the lip colour’s fresh, high-shine formula. So, in addition to being high impact, these bold hues are now sleek and chic, too. All you have to do is select your best option and swipe it on. Trust us. Because with these latest lipstick trends, you’ll be oh-so-bold and beautiful all day—and all night—long.

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