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Embrace the power of precious oils. Supercharge your haircare efforts with a weekly hair mask treatment to zero in on hair concerns. Find the best hair masks for damaged hair, best oils for hair, and best hair serums with L'Oréal Paris. Transform dry hair with a hydrating hair mask, control fly-aways with anti frizz serum, or speed out of an awkward phase while growing hair with hair growth serum.

Shampoo? Check. Conditioner? Check. Hair Mask? Of course. Now that your hair is beautifully healthy, its time to style. Discover L'Oréal Paris hair spray and hair wax to get started.

What is the best hair mask for damaged hair?

Damaged hair is caused by sun damaged, heat activated styling tools and/or colour treatments that damage the follicle. The best hair mask for damaged hair will work to repair the follicle with proteins and beneficial ingredients. It is a great way to rebuild the fibers of damaged hair with deep conditioning. A hair mask will use a high concentration of active ingredients that will penetrate deeply into hair follicles to maximize conditioning at the root. After keeping your best hair mask in your hair for a couple of minutes, you may simply rinse away to achieve heathy looking hair without any build up of oil. L’Oréal Paris’ Protein Recharge is the best hair mask treatment to rebuild the protein lost from hair damage. Some of our best hair masks for damaged hair are the Everpure Repair Remedy Balm, as well as the Extraordinary Oil 1001 Coconut oil Hair Mask that will leave your hair looking and feeling healthy after only 2-5 minutes.

How often should I do a coconut hair mask?

The rate of usage depends on your hair type, but generally you should use your best hair mask 2-3 times a week as they are heavy-duty conditioners! Thicker hair could support treatments more often than thinner hair, but to fully enjoy the best hair mask do not overly treat your hair. Coconut oil hair masks are wonderful for deep conditioning and nourishing hair. They especially perform well as the best hair mask for damaged hair, because they are so rich in the reparative and moisturizing qualities of coconut oil. L’Oréal Paris’ Extraordinary Oil 10001 Uses Coconut Hair Mask, infused with extra-fine coconut oil, melts into your hair and nourishes it without weighing it down. To use a coconut oil hair mask, simply leave in pre-shampooing for 3-5 minutes and proceed with your hair washing routine.



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