Magic Root cover up Medium Brown Instant Root Concealer Spray

Product Details
Magic Root Cover Up instantly covers grey hair in seconds. Perfect for a quick fix in between home coloring, salon appointments or the sudden appearance of grey hair.

Want to cover your grey roots in between at-home hair color or salon appointments? Get flawless root coverage in just three seconds with L’Oréal Paris Magic Root Cover Up – The No.1 Temporary Root Concealer Spray in Canada.

3, 2, 1… Roots Gone!
Shake, spray and let it dry. The pinpoint micro-diffuser targets grays and the 10-shade range is designed to blend in seamlessly with your hair-color, whether you’re using permanent or semi-permanent hair dye.

Perfect match with your hair color
Our 10 shades match all colors, even salon ones, to conceal grey roots perfectly. From Blonde, Brown to Black, the lightweight formula with color-rich pigments blends seamlessly with your color for a natural-looking finish. Use alongside our box color range: Excellence, Preference, Feria and Casting Natural Gloss.

The ideal solution on the go
Easy to carry around in your handbag, Magic Root Cover Up is always ready for last minute emergencies, wherever you are.

Total peace of mind
The lightweight formula leaves no smudging or sticky residue when dry and lasts until the next shampoo.

Quick and Easy
Only a small amount of product is required, and the bottle holds up to 40 applications. Easy to use, Magic Root Cover Up allows you to space out your salon appointments.

Recommended for
Works on all hair types, including color-treated hair with permanent or semi-permanent hair-dye
Suitable for home or salon colored hair
Step 1: Shake the concealer spray well
Step 2: Spray on dry hair 10-15 cm away from the roots using light steady pressure.
Step 3: Allow one minute to dry
Products lasts until next shampoo

Frequently asked questions

Who is this product for?
This low commitment spray is ideal for those in need of a quick fix between home colorings and salon appointments or sudden appearance of grey hair. It is available in 10 different shades, from blond and brown to black and works on all hair types.
How long does Magic Root Cover Up last?
This Instant Root Concealer Spray is a temporary root touch up solution. It conceals greys in seconds for flawless roots and lasts until your next shampoo.
If I have this product on my hair, can I still apply home permanent hair dye on top of it?
We suggest you shampoo your hair first and wait 24H to color your hair.
How long does it take to apply on my hair?
This spray covers grey roots instantly in just 3 seconds and it takes up to 1 minute to dry.
How long does it take for the product to dry?
The temporary color dries in 1 minute.
Do I use it after styling or before I use the curling iron and hairspray?
It is recommended to apply the concealer after you use a curling iron but before hairspray.
How many applications does 1 bottle of spray support?
Up to 40 uses.
Will it look natural on my hair?
Yes, this product blends in perfectly with your hair color. The pin-point micro diffuser allows for a light, but thorough spray that ensures each hair gets targeted with natural looking color for seamless coverage. It is suitable for people who use permanent or semi-permanent hair dye and can be matched with your hair color, even salon colors, for a natural looking finish.
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Medium Brown
Magic Root cover up
Medium Brown Instant Root Concealer Spray
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