Skin Genius: Beauty Just Got Smarter

Introducing Skin Genius: A Skin Analysis Tool Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Backed by Dermatologists.

When it comes to skin care, gone are the days of one-size-fits-all routines. Every individual’s skin care needs are unique and require deeper analysis than just being labelled “oily”, “dry” or “combination” skin. Building the right skincare routine can be a challenge, especially when you throw other factors into the mix such as skin aging, environmental pollutants, and seasonal changes. Our skin varies day to day but we may not always get a chance to pop into the dermatologist’s office whenever we have a skin concern. But what if you could have access to skincare expertise right at your fingertips? L’Oréal Paris is excited to announce the launch of our new skin analysis tool: Skin Genius, an innovative beauty tool that accurately analyzes the skin’s needs to deliver a tailor-made skincare routine.

What Is Skin Genius?

Skin Genius is the latest in beauty-tech innovation powered by artificial intelligence and backed by dermatologists to understand how your skin ages, find what it needs and where it needs it. The online skin tool uses face mapping to analyze all anti-aging dimensions and provides a skincare diagnosis with expert ingredient recommendations. Simply snap a selfie and let the skin analysis begin!

Expert Skincare Starts With Expert Analysis

Based on over 30 years of data and developed on clinical databases of 10 000 images of women, the digital service has a 95% grading accuracy based on dermatologist grading of different skin ethnicities. Regardless of age, ethnicity, or skin concerns, you can rest assured you’re getting an accurate assessment. Skin Genius is new of its kind by tracking your virtual skin age with an expert 10-grade scale through evaluating 5 key skin dimensions:

  1. Fine lines & Wrinkles – the tool analyzes the severity of different types of wrinkles: forehead lines, frown lines, eye creases, smile lines and marionette lines.
  1. Skin radiance – Skin Genius examines how light is reflected on your cheeks which is usually affected by dehydrated skin, wrinkles, enlarged pores, skin redness, and visible spots.
  1. Skin firmness - Skin elasticity in the upper cheeks and lower contours are analyzed - the two areas where skin loosens and shows the first signs of aging.
  2. Pore Quality – Skin Genius scans for the presence of enlarged pores which can originate from oily skin, dry patches, blackheads, or sagging skin.
  3. Even Skin Tone - Skin uniformity is detected through natural pigmentation and discoloration on your cheeks - the areas most exposed to environmental damage and dark spots.

Now that you know about Skin Genius, discover your skincare needs through the power of artificial intelligence. Building your expert skincare routine has never been easier. Start your skin analysis and get your personalize skincare routine.

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