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How to Keep Blond Hair Healthy With Purple Oil

Anyone who has ever bleached or highlighted their hair likely knows the struggles of less-than-vibrant locks. That’s why a routine that uses purple products, like a breakthrough reviving hair oil, is key to banishing brassiness.

The old saying that blonds have more fun might ring true most of the time, but dealing with brassy locks that are spoiling your colour can be a total bummer for anyone. The good news is that it’s actually super easy (and affordable) to keep your blond hair looking salon-fresh and healthier than ever in between trips to the salon with products that are made to take on brassiness and add vibrancy to your ’do. Here’s how adding a purple shampoo, a purple conditioner and a game-changing purple hair oil can transform your routine and bring your locks from gloomy to glam.


How does purple-toned haircare work?

It’s pretty normal for people to notice that their blond, highlighted or even grey hair starts to take on brassy tones over time—especially if they had their colour lifted from a darker tone. This means you’ll notice orange and yellow hues appear, which can really mess with an icy platinum finish or snow-white hair. A lot of different factors can cause this to happen, including the minerals in your shower water, chlorine in swimming pools and environmental factors like UV rays. So how does a violet-toned shampoo make a difference? Think back to art class: Since purple and orange sit at opposite ends of the colour wheel, they work to neutralize each other. This means that adding a purple shampoo, conditioner and oil can cancel out those unsightly brassy tones for totally refreshed colour that looks freshly done. L’Oréal Paris Color Radiance Purple Reviving Oil, for example, deposits purple pigments onto hair strands to neutralize any orange and yellow tones that have popped up. 


What hair type can benefit most from using purple oil?

Anyone with bleached, blond or highlighted hair will notice a difference using purple-toned products. Naturally grey or white hair can also totally benefit from using purple haircare for a reduction in yellowish tones that can start to appear over time. Even brunettes (with or without highlights) who want to banish orangey tones can use purple products. L’Oréal Paris Color Radiance Purple Reviving Oil is an amazing option for depositing purple onto hair, especially since it doesn’t just neutralize brassiness—it also nourishes and hydrates dry hair. Plus, it’s transfer-resistant, so you won’t wind up with purple stains on your scarf or shirt after you’ve finished styling your look in the morning.


How can I add purple hair products to my routine?

Starting a purple haircare routine is easy. Keep in mind that you don’t need to use these products daily—every three washes or once a week is more ideal. In the shower, you can slap on some gloves and use a purple shampoo and purple conditioner, and then apply a purple hair oil to add vibrancy and clarity to your colour. Neutralize brassiness in just one wash with L’Oréal Paris Color Radiance Purple Shampoo. Massage it into your hair for one to three minutes before rinsing, and then follow it up with L’Oréal Paris Color Radiance Purple Conditioner. Leave it on for one to 10 minutes, depending on your colour (less time for silver hair and more time for brunette hair—blonds need about five minutes). Next, while your hair is still wet, apply two or three drops of L’Oréal Paris Color Radiance Purple Reviving Oil (depending on the length of your hair and amount of brassiness). Comb it through and then blow-dry for best results. Just be sure to avoid contact with your eyes and wash your hands after use. 

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