Get Younger-looking Skin And A Plump Complexion With Anti-aging Active Ingredients

As the years pass your face loses its firmness. This may result in saggy skin and hollow features. Are you wondering how to get a plump face without having to go under the surgeon's knife? Anti-aging active ingredients work like a charm! Our aim? To help you keep your youthful complexion and fresh-faced look longer.


It is usually our cheekbones and facial contour that show first signs of elasticity loss. As our skin begins to sag, we can plump up our faces with two anti-aging active ingredients that provide a natural lift: elastin and collagen for your skin. The first is a fibrous protein that strengthens skin, while the second is a protein that keeps our connective tissues strong and flexible. Over the years, we produce less of both and their quality decreases. So, how to get a plump face? Creams packed with anti-aging active ingredients to the rescue!


Opt for restorative anti-aging treatments designed to redefine your face. Their formulae include anti-aging active ingredients that boost cell regeneration and give cell renewal a kick start: hyaluronic acid for your skin to look plump, Pro-Xylane to improve elasticity and skin tone, Elasti-Flex to rebuild elastin fibres, alongside retinol to stimulate collagen production and reduce visible signs of aging. In other words, treatments that will maintain your glowing skin!

How do they increase skin elasticity?

The anti-aging active ingredients in these treatments send messages to our skin cells, instructing them to multiply. Their goal? To accelerate collagen and elastin production and increase our skin's density. You will see immediate results on hydration, and anti-aging action within 7 days as your skin will start to renew itself.

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