Skincare if you’re over 50 is all about hydration and cell renewal

The Good Stuff The benefits of aging are many but are often forgotten or left unsaid thanks to a preoccupation with what's new and young. The good news is that by age 50, you know yourself so well—gone are the self-doubts and shyness of decades past. You have a firm grasp on your passions, and you know that the people who are in your life are likely the ones you can count on. It's a time to embrace new things and routines in a way that may have scared you earlier on. It's a confidence you can count on. You want skin care you can count on too. With all that vivacious life, it would be a shame if your beauty routine didn't make you feel the same way. And, lucky for you, reaching your 50s often means reaching a point where your skin-care goals are much simpler and more attainable. You need a skin-care routine that fits your lifestyle, age and concerns—one that works but also one that relies on proven ingredients and trusted science. For the over-50 set, your needs often include maintaining a glowing and vibrant complexion—one that feels smooth and plumped and reflects the luminosity and life you feel on the inside. The Skin Stuff It would be a lie to say your skin has stayed the same. It hasn't—but that's okay. Whether hormonal changes have impacted your skin, sun damage has come to the surface or you just find yourself seeing new lines and wrinkles that weren't there before, your skin changes from year to year and from season to season no matter your age. The bright side—literally—is that there are easy ways to make your complexion look its best with just a few anti-aging skin-care picks. And taking care of your skin is the best way to make sure your joie de vivre shows up every time you smile. Focus on treating and moisturizing and you'll find your skin starts to recapture its youthful glow.