Is sulfate-free shampoo right for you?

Sulfates are a popular ingredient in shampoos. They are a safe and effective way of cutting through dirt and oil, and are responsible for creating the rich foam that you experience when you lather up.

2.Coarse, dry hair
Dry, rough hair is the calling card of coarse locks. The EverCreme Deep Nourish system with apricot oil deeply moisturizes and nourishes while gently cleansing dry, brittle hair.

3. Damaged hair
Fragile, damaged hair can benefit from a sulfate-free shampoo, which will retain the hair and scalp’s natural moisture while gently cleansing dirt and excess oils. Goji-infused EverPure Repair & Defend strengthens and repairs fragile hair as it defends it from UV rays, water, and heat styling. It is especially beneficial for over processed hair that has been heavily bleached or styled.

4. Flat or thin hair
Flat hair can benefit from sulfate-free hair care too. EverPure Volume infused with lotus extract, gently cleanses hair while adding weightless shine, providing more body and lift. Those with thin hair can also benefit from some extra thickness by using the EverStrong system (link to everstrong PDP), infused with rosemary leaf to thicken strands and prevent breakage.

5.Curly and Frizz-prone Hair
Sulfates can lift the hair cuticle and strip your curly strands from their much-needed moisture, leading to unwanted dryness and frizz. EverCurl Hydracharge is free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, and harsh salts. Infused with coconut oil, the EverCurl system gently conditions and hydrates hair, adding lustrous shine without any weigh down. The rich, creamy formula has a fresh, aromatic fragrance that leaves hair soft and bouncy. Frizzy hair that is not curly will benefit from the EverSleek Keratin Caring system. Infused with sunflower oil, EverSleek repairs, smooths, and improves hair texture without any weigh down. What are you waiting for? Give your hair the gentle cleansing that it needs and find the right sulfate-free system for you!

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