How To Multi-Mask With Clay

From cleansing to SPF, a solid skincare routine revolves around a few daily basics. But to keep skin in its smoothest, most hydrated and optimally radiant state, weekly treatments are a necessity. This is where masks come in. Designed to give a quick boost, masks are formulated with a variety of concentrated ingredients that address specific concerns. Easy to use, fast-acting and instantly beneficial, a clay mask is the OG of at-home options. With a luxurious creamy mixture that dries in minutes, it has long been touted for its pore-clearing properties, which makes it an ideal fit for oily skin. And now there’s an entire collection of different clay blends featuring curated ingredients that can transform other skin types. Plus, incorporating a pro-approved method to your DIY experience can take treatment results to the next level. Enter multi-masking! Utilized by experts to customize the best outcome, multi-masking is the art of combining various masks to target specific concerns. It’s easy and effective, and you don’t have to visit a facialist to experience the benefits. With the proper products and a few tips, here’s how to multi-mask like a pro.

Bye-bye, dry skin

Troubled by a bumpy texture and dry patches? Your first thought maybe “I must moisturize!” Applying a cream is essential, yes, but even the most potent hydrator won’t be effective if it’s applied to a parched outer layer. It’s also likely that skin is dry in different ways across your face, appearing sandpaper-like over the forehead but with flaky, dehydrated patches on the cheeks. Multi-masking can help. Using two formulas will remove dead cells that can block your skin’s ability to absorb the hydrating ingredients it’s desperate for while also allowing you to tend to each zone without overstripping. Apply an exfoliating and refining clay mask for dry skin, like L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Cleansing Mask for Rough Skin, on the forehead. On the cheeks, try L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Cleansing Mask for Skin With Imperfections. It’s a mix of three mineral clays, yuzu lemon extract and glycerine for a clarifying and smoothing finish. After you rinse off the masks, while your skin is still damp, apply a layer of hyaluronic acid serum for a deeply hydrating finish.

For clear comfort

Every skin type is unique, which is why multi-masking can be a fantastic bespoke solution to manage diverse needs in close proximity. If blemishes and irritated dry spots co-exist on your skin, it’s easy to treat both simultaneously with specific ingredients. Over breakout-prone areas, like around the nose and along the lower jaw, apply a clay mask for oily skin. L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Cleansing Mask for Oily Skin is a mixture of kaolin, montmorillonite and Moroccan-lava clays that will work to clear congested pores and mattify, while eucalyptus adds an invigorating touch. Next, apply a soothing mask formula to calm delicate zones, like the forehead and across the upper cheeks. L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Cleansing Mask for Sensitive Skin is a triple-mineral clay base infused with seaweed extract to comfort and unify reactive skin. Customizing your skincare routine can also work at the moisturizing stage. Try using an oil-free, shine-reducing lotion by day and a soothing cream by night.

Radiance returned

Whether your day-to-day status is normal, oily, dry or combination, a lacklustre appearance can sneak up on any skin type. When it does, reach for a universally beneficial face mask designed to revive. L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Cleansing Mask for Dull Skin can be added to any multi-masking routine and used up to three times a week. It’s boosted with charcoal powder, a powerful active that attracts impurities to leave skin energized and brightened. For a megawatt glow, indulge in some prep work. Before you apply any mask, be sure to thoroughly cleanse and tone skin with a suitable formula.

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