Collagen Wrinkle De-Crease Night Cream

Product Benefits

Optimize skin’s nightly renewal process while resting to help visibly correct expression lines. Wrinkle De-Crease Night Cream provides continuous hydration throughout the night without greasiness. Formulated specifically with Boswelox for nighttime use, this unique cream also smoothes lines formed around eyes, forehead, and mouth. Awaken each morning to skin that looks fresh and radiant.

In consumer testing, 84% saw smoother skin overnight and 66% saw fewer forehead wrinkles in four weeks.

Innovations & Ingredients

Science Behind the Beauty

Boswelox is an innovative phyto-complex extracted from the boswellia plant native to India. L’Oréal research scientists discovered that the extract of this plant, in conjunction with the mineral manganese, actually helps smooth out the lines our face muscles make and can lead to younger-looking skin.

How Does Wrinkle De-Crease Work?

The muscles in the face create micro-contractions every time we make an expression. Each Wrinkle De-Crease product actually helps minimize the visual effects these contractions ultimately have on the skin. The exceptional moisturizing action softens and smoothes the appearance of skin in a very efficacious way.

Collagen Wrinkle De-Crease Night Cream