Collagen Collagen Filler Targeted Wrinkle Reducer

Product Benefits

Inspired by dermatological collagen treatments, L’Oréal Paris created Collagen Filler Targeted Wrinkle Reducer. It is the first wrinkle reducer with Collagen Biospheres and Boswelox™ that is applied onto wrinkles to diffuse and visibly fill in the depth and length of facial lines and wrinkles.

In consumer testing, wrinkles were immediately softened up to 20%. In one week, 38% saw fewer forehead wrinkles. In three weeks, 46% saw fewer forehead wrinkles.

Innovations & Ingredients

Science Behind the Beauty

Boswelox™ is an innovative phyto-complex extracted from the boswellia plant native to India. L’Oréal research scientists discovered that the extract of this plant, in conjunction with the mineral manganese, actually helps smooth out the lines our face muscles make and can lead to younger-looking skin.

Collagen Biospheres penetrate the surface of the skin. As they come into contact with water naturally found in the skin, they expand up to nine times their volume to plump and fill facial lines and wrinkles.

Collagen Collagen Filler Targeted Wrinkle Reducer