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Hydra Sensitive Shave Gel

61% of men have a beard.

76% of men still use a traditional razor blade.

73% of men want a product for sensitive skin.

75% of men want a product that has a refreshing effect.

86% of men use shaving products.

55% of men use shaving gel.

89% of men want a shaving cream that prevents irritation..


32 years old. He tested:

I don’t have a thick beard and only shave about twice a week. As a result, my skin is not used to shaving and despite all the products I’ve tried over the years; my skin always remained dry. This all changed when I tried the Hydra Sensitive Shave Gel and to my great surprise, my skin felt a lot more hydrated. Now, there’s a lot less “risk” involved when I shave because the mousse really protects my pores a lot better than other products. Also, since I have a mustache and often shave around it, this shaving gel allows me to do so without nicking my skin.

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