Hydra Sensitive 24h Moisturizer

Product Benefits

Maintain your healthy looking skin with our first strengthening moisturizer and after-shave that immediately soothes razor burn and reduces skin sensitivities in 4 weeks.

Hydra Sensitive 24h Moisturizer

& Ingredients

The Active Defense System (ADS)TM is a powerful soothing active that strengthens skin’s natural resistance.

Hydra Sensitive is the 1st product from Men Expert that works to give sensitive skin a way of sustainably resisting outer aggressions.

4 fortifying minerals for protected skin!

  • Manganese: detoxifies
  • Magnesium: energizes
  • Calcium: reconstructs
  • Copper: antioxidant

The formula is adapted to sensitive skin:

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Alcohol-free
  • Physiological pH

Result: A firewall protection for your sensitive skin that helps strengthen skin’s natural resistance.


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