Hydra Energetic Comfort Max Lip Balm

Product Benefits

Harsh weather, pollution, stress… Your skin is not the only one to suffer! Lips become dehydrated, feel tightened and look dry and cracked.


What does it do?

ACTION 1 - Intensely nourishes & instantly soothes

With Nutri-Oils, a combination of ultra-nourishing oils, the formula hydrates dry lips for intense nourishment and instant soothing.

ACTION 2 - Repairs and strengthens*

  • Containing vitamin C derivative, the formula helps repair dry lips so that they look suppler, smoother and healthier.
  • With Active Defense System (ADS)™, the Hydra Energetic Comfort Max™ Lip Balm helps reinforce the lips’ natural resistance against daily aggressions.

ACTION 3 - All day hydration with non-shiny finish

Hydrates lips all day with anti-cracking efficiency.

*In terms of look.


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