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Concentrated Treatment

If you want to keep your hair, you have to treat it right. We style our hair with multiple styling products every day to make it look the way we want, but what do we do to keep it healthy?

Treatments are essential for all hair types, especially fragile hair with a tendency to fall*. This is why it is important to use treatments that help strengthen hair.

Arginine Resist X3 Reinforcing Spray is our first leave-in treatment for men. With the highest concentration of arginine, it helps restructure hair from root to tip, making it stronger and more resistant to hair fall*.

To use, simply spray the roots of the hair and massage into scalp. The product’s formula of arginine and taurine combined with the scalp massage will help stimulate microcirculation to optimize nutritional exchanges around the root.

Go beyond shampooing your hair and treat it to get the results you want! For best results, combine Arginine Resist X3 Reinforcing Spray with Arginine Resist X3 2-In-1 Reinforcing Shampoo & Conditioner.

*Hair fall due to breakage.

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