Superior Preference 645 Versailles - Chic Auburn Brown

Product Benefits

“Brown sparkles with a touch of copper & mahogany create this luminous auburn that warms the skin tone.” - Christophe Robin, L’Oréal Paris Master Colourist

The Paris Lumière collection by Superior Preference brings you modern, sophisticated colour with special reflects inspired by the iconic nighttime lights of Paris. The combination of our light-reflecting colour gel and illuminating reflects creates ultra-chic shades that flow with ultimate brilliance. Each shade is expertly-crafted by a master colourist to brighten your look.

Innovations & Ingredients

Science Behind the Beauty
With Fade-Defying Colourants, Superior Preference® stays true to tone for up to eight weeks without fading or turning dull and brassy.

Superior Preference 645 Versailles - Chic Auburn Brown

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