Preference Mousse Absolue

Preference Mousse Absolue Product Line

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  • Pure Deep Black
    Pure Deep Black
  • 400 Original Dark Brown
    400 Original Dark Brown
  • 415 Fabulous Chocolate Brown
    415 Fabulous Chocolate Brown
  • 465 Extraordinary Burgundy
    465 Extraordinary Burgundy
  • 500 Original Medium Brown
    500 Original Medium Brown
  • Pure Light Brown
    Pure Light Brown
  • 700 Original Dark Blonde
    700 Original Dark Blonde

Peer Reviews

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Geeking Out: L’Oréal Paris Préférence Mousse Absolue NO-MIX Hair Colour — and it’s RE-USEABLE Too

by beautygeeks, September 10, 2013

“Mousse Absolue will immediately establish itself as the easiest, most efficient home hair colour ever. Ever. […] Thanks to the packaging, you use only what you need, and save the rest until you need to touch up your roots.”

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Private affair: Behind the scenes at TIFF 2013

by beautyeditor, September 18, 2013

“The product news portion of the evening was a sneak peek at a new home hair colour product that’ll be launching in November. It sounds pretty cool—the first re-usable permanent home hair colour that requires NO mixing.”

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Tips & Tricks

Our experts help you re-create the hottest looks of the season.


by L'Oréal Paris Canada

Advice for before, during and after applying Mousse Absolue…

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Colour Perfect

by L'Oréal Paris Canada

To maintain your colour and glossy shine and keep up your hair's strength and elasticity, follow these easy tips…

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