Fibralogy Hair Mask

Product Benefits

This mask is designed specifically for texturizing and nourishing hair by intensely hydrating the hair fibre. Its lightweight formula rinses easily and brings care and fluidity to your hair.

Hair is fluid, texturized, and has body.

Innovations & Ingredients

Innovation: Filloxane
- Substance creation: Filloxane penetrates and diffuses in the hair fibre. Hair expands from within.
- Cumulative action: the substance remains in the fibre and increases application after application. Hair becomes progressively thicker.

Fibralogy Hair Mask

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1. Start with Fibralogy Thickening Shampoo. Rinse.

2. Deposit a dime-sized amount of the Booster in your hand and apply evenly throughout hair.

3. Without rinsing, apply Fibralogy Conditioner or Mask on top.

4. Rinse thoroughly.