Total Repair Extreme Total Repair Extreme Conditioner

Product Benefits

Penetrates layers deep and repairs broken fibres.*

When hair is extremely damaged, a series of external aggressions can deteriorate the layers that compose the hair fibre. Total Repair Extreme works to penetrate these layers and helps repair split ends.*

DIRECTIONS: Apply after using Total Repair Extreme Shampoo. Leave on for 1-3 minutes, then rinse. For extreme repair, use with our TOTAL REPAIR EXTREME treatments.

*Instrumental test after application of shampoo, conditioner + treatment.

Innovations & Ingredients

The advanced formula enriched with LAK 1000 and Ceramide deeply penetrates layers inside the hair fibre and helps repair broken fibres.* Overall the hair fibre appears reconstructed and restored right to the tips, leaving it soft to the touch.

Total Repair Extreme Total Repair Extreme Conditioner