Re-Nutrition Deep Moisture Mask

Product Benefits

Dry hair suffers from weakened hair fibers, a dull apperance, low natural shine and can be hard to manage.
L’Oréal Paris introduces the latest solution to nourish and revive dry hair. Re-Nutrition range features our latest conditioning technology with an extract derived from nature: Royal Jelly. Give your dry hair the royal treatment every day.

The conditioning ingredients in the L’Oréal Paris Re-Nutrition Deep Moisture Mask bathe even very dry hair. The nourshing properties infuse hair fibre with moisture to regain manageability and bounce.
Delicate, creamy texture is combined with a delicious honey and floral fragrance to provide you with the ultimate haircare range.

Innovations & Ingredients

Royal Jelly is an extract derived from nature and has been widely recognised as a ‘cure-all’ for many centuries. Ancient civilisations such as the Egyptians and Romans recognised the healing benefits of bee by-products.
Royal Jelly, nature’s superfood concentrate for the queen bee, conditions hair with the most essential nutrients leaving hair soft with high-gloss finish. It contains more than 10 essential nutrients, including : glycose, proteins, lipids, vitmamin-B, oligo-elements, animo acids, minerals, etc.

Re-Nutrition Deep Moisture Mask

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