Eric Del Monaco's Biography

Eric Del Monaco Official Hair Artist and Colourist for L’Oréal Paris in Canada

Eric Del Monaco is passionate about hair and how it can dramatically change a woman’s look or simply bring out her natural beauty. Renowned as a beauty trend-setter in Canada and across the globe, Eric’s fresh and unconventional, ‘break-all-the-rules’ artistic approach to hair has made him one of Canada’s most popular and trusted hair experts. His innovative hair styling and colour techniques are inspired by the belief that a woman’s crowning glory is her hair.

“A woman’s hair is an extension of her personality. It’s amazing to see how a great hair style or colour can impact a woman’s mood and send her confidence soaring.”

As the Official Hair Artist and Colourist for L’Oréal Paris in Canada since 2006, Eric collaborates with the brand to unveil seasonal trends, share his professional styling tips and expertise, and educate women about the importance of proper haircare and how to select products that are right for both their haircolour and haircare needs.

In addition to his role as Official Hair Artist and Colourist with L’Oréal Paris in Canada, Eric is also the Lead Hair Artist for L’Oréal Fashionweek in Toronto, Canada’s premier semi-annual fashion event produced by the Fashion Design Council of Canada. In this role he meets with participating designers to create all of the breath-taking hair looks that amplify the vision behind each of the designer’s collections for their runway shows. His ability to create stunning and trend-setting runway hair looks each season has made him one of fashion and beauty’s most in-demand hair experts. Backstage he can be seen leading a hair team of 15 talented, L’Oréal Paris hair stylists to create runway looks for more than 400 models throughout the week.

Eric also lends his extensive beauty expertise to up-and-coming Canadian designers as they compete to become the next ‘It’ designer in Canada on the hit television show, Project Runway Canada. Both on and off camera, Eric provides his insight into hair trends and looks to the contestants to help shape their final looks for each competition.

Before joining the L’Oréal Paris team, Eric focused on refining his cutting and colouring skills for more than 20 years in salons across the world including cities such as London and Milan. His hair artistry has been recognized by the Allied Beauty Association (A.B.A) and the New York Beauty Show.

As an artist, Eric believes that women should not be limited to certain haircolours or styles based on the traditional rules of thumb for face shapes or complexion. “Women should be daring and try new things and wear each new style and haircolour with the utmost confidence.”

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