Christophe Robin's Biography

Christophe Robin was only 19 years old when L’Oréal first asked him to colour the models’ hair for their advertising campaign. At , Christophe opened his own salon. It was the first salon in Paris devoted exclusively to the colour and care of hair. His work got a lot of deserved attention from fashion editors. Celebrities like Catherine Deneuve, Emmanuelle Beart, Kristin Scott-Thomas, and Chiara Mastroianni soon became regular clients.

Collaborating with L’Oréal Paris was a natural next step in Christophe’s career. Working together with L’Oréal Paris labs, Christophe is able to give women tailored product recommendations and expert at-home colouring advice. In his own words, “working for L’Oréal as a colourist-designer is the most rewarding and interesting thing that could have happened to me. I am more than thrilled to be working for such a known brand. Creating new trends, perfecting colour nuances, and sharing ideas with the laboratories is exhilarating.”

Christophe’s success can be attributed to his unique approach to hair colour. “I never colour someone’s hair just for the sake of colouring it. Instead, I really try to attain my ultimate desire of making a woman more beautiful with what she naturally has. I do my best to ensure that everything comes into play: her skin colour, her eyes, her natural hair colour, and, of course, the texture and condition of her hair. To my mind, hair colour is also about giving a woman self-confidence and overall sparkle, setting her eyes and complexion off to their best advantage, making her hair look thicker, more luxurious, and always, always ensuring that the overall quality be perfect.

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