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Discover a routine designed specifically for your hair type. You’ll love how our advanced formulas have the power to transform your hair. Find the one that’s made for you!

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Oily roots and dry ends

Extraordinary Clay

Do you find your hair gets greasy too quickly? Is a ponytail your only option a few days after washing? Use Extraordinary Clay to break the cycle of combination hair for 72 hours of fresh roots, and hydrated lengths.

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Dry hair

Extraordinary Oil

Extraordinary Oil is the answer. With 6 precious oils, the formula envelops the fibre to deliver intense nutrition without weigh down. Infused with Argan, Coconut, Amla, Sunflower, Chamomile and Soy, our range nourishes even the driest hair in 1 wash.

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Coloured hair

Color Radiance

Use Color Radiance, for 8 weeks of radiant colour. With the power of UV Filters, the formula protects coloured hair to keep it shiny and vibrant. Hair is nourished and stays soft.

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Damaged hair

Total Repair /5/

Try Total Repair 5! Hair strength is 100% repaired. With the power of Cicamide, the formula restores hair with two key actions:

  1. It penetrates the hair fibre and repairs gaps in damaged areas.
  2. It helps re-create hair’s natural defense barrier to keep hair protected.

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Fine hair


Our solution for fuller, amplified hair. With 5 applications of our Fibralogy range, hair is made thicker with the power of Filloxane, a molecule with almost 17 years of research behind its development.

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Hair with a tendency to fall

Arginine Resist 3X

Enriched with a powerful amino acid, Arginine Resist x3 provides a triple action to help reduce hair fall:

  1. It nourishes the bulb.
  2. It strengthens the lengths.
  3. It adds overall resistance to the hair from root to tip for 64% less hair fall.

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Dull hair

Nutri-Gloss® Luminizer

Formulated with Glycosilk, Nutri-Gloss Luminizer transforms dull fibres into glossy, smooth hair that stays that way for 48 hours. It evens out hair’s surface to reveal a polished shine, and also enhances softness.

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