Colour Riche® Press-On Nails 102 French Twist

Product Benefits

Colour Riche® Press-On Nails is an avant-garde product that looks and feels like real nails and provides an instantly chic look!

No glue application and up to seven days of wear. Available in eight Parisian couture designs.

  1. 1. Place
  2. 2. Press
  3. 3. Show off!

Innovations & Ingredients

  1. 1. Clean and wash hands thoroughly.
  2. 2. Select correct size of press-on nail for each finger.
  3. 3. Apply adhesive stickers slightly smaller than each natural nail. Peel off backing.
  4. 4. Apply press-on nails then press down the middle and down each side firmly.
  5. 5. For best wear, press down on nails a few times and avoid contact with water for the first hour.
Colour Riche® Press-On Nails 102 French Twist