La Couleur Infallible Endless Chocolat

Product Benefits

The future of eye shadow is here! La Couleur Infallible reinvents eye shadow with enhanced color intensity, a new velvety feel, and 24 hour long-lasting hold.

Now you can experience colour that is heightened to its highest heights! This unstoppable waterproof shower resists blinking, creases, and rubbing!

Endless Chocolate:
Endless Chocolate is made to be devoured. Bursts of brown and red give the eyes an irresistibly luscious, desire-sparking sizzle.

Innovations & Ingredients

  • At the heart of the revolution: a hybrid powder texture. The formula contains an exceptionally high proportion of binders (oils), creating a formulation that lies between a powder and a cream.
  • A special adhesive polymer network adheres to the eye lid as comfortably as a second skin for a full 24 hours.
  • A new color catalyst: ColorReveal Technology, creates a new color structure for a magnifying glass effect allowing pigments to be revealed in their full intensity.
La Couleur Infallible Endless Chocolat

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