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Pretty and Pulled Back

How to create the perfect ponytail

The ponytail has gone from girl-next-door cute to absolutely glamorous. Make one of these looks your own and get stunning with a sophisticated twist on a simple style.

Get the Look: Tousled Pullback

Sculpt your bed-head into perfection with a casual ponytail that’s anything but.

Step 1

This style works best with day-old hair. If you have cleansed your locks, smooth in Studio Line Volum'Max Mousse or Studio Line Out of Bed® to give hair a lived-in texture.

Step 2

You can personalize your ponytail by experimenting with bangs or a different part. To give this style added flare, part your hair with your fingers or a comb in whatever placement you want. Blow out bangs with a round brush to give your hair some extra volume, but remember to preserve a slightly messy look. Spread Studio Line Liqui-Gel through your hair to keep your style in place. If you want a solid pullback, gather all your hair together and pull back directly from the front of your scalp.

Step 3

With your fingers, pull all your hair back toward the back middle of your head. Finger comb strands back until you have a tight but messy pull. Tie ponytail. If you want to add volume, create a stacked ponytail by making two ponytails, tying them separately and then combining them into one.

Step 4

Finish with Studio Line Design Finishing Spray, but do not smooth hair; you want a tousled look!

Get the Look: Sleek & Sultry

For both a professional and sophisticated look, try a sleek pony with a side part.

Step 1

Smooth out hair by using a flat iron and Studio Line Hot Straight to protect hair.

Step 2

Create a deep side part above one of your eyes. Pull your bangs either down over one eye or

straight across your forehead. If you pull your hair fully across, make sure to secure your pull with pins.

Step 3

Using a brush, gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail in the middle of the back of your head. Continue pulling and brushing hair until your strands are completely smooth on all sides. Tie with a band that matches your hair color.

Step 4

Smooth hair with Studio Line Invisi Gel. Finish with Studio Line design Fishing Sprat for a strong, glossy polish.

Get the Look: The Add-On

For instant glamour, create a ponytail by adding some synthetic strands that can beautify almost any length of hair.

Step 1

Choose the perfect pony or hairpiece in whatever length, thickness, and color closely resembles your natural mane.

Step 2

Begin styling this look by crafting a flawless foundation with your bangs and natural hair. Blow out bangs with a natural-bristle round brush to create a soft veil that will frame your face beautifully.

Step 3

Blow out the rest of your locks by directing the airflow up the cuticle to create volume and body.

Step 4

For even smoother, softer locks, use large hot rollers to set hair. When the curlers have cooled, remove them and then brush and separate the hair to give it movement and a natural look.

Step 5

Pull back hair and secure either with pins or ties that match your hair color.

Step 6

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