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Get Smoother-Looking Skin

How to minimize expression lines and wrinkles

Lessen Expression Lines

Every expression you make contributes to expression lines, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop expressing yourself. You can use a regimen of wrinkle correctors and dermo-smoothers like Wrinkle De-Crease. They don’t freeze your face in place. They work by getting into the surface of your skin to make expression lines less noticeable.

Go Beyond Moisturizers

Wrinkle De-Crease products provide rich moisture that’s instantly absorbed by the skin, leaving a smooth matte finish instead of a heavy feeling. At the same time, the patent-pending BosweloxTM formula works deeply into the skin’s surface to soften, smooth, and diminish expression lines. For a basic regimen, use the Day cream to correct expression lines and the Night Cream to renew your skin while it rests

What is Boswelox?

Boswelox is an innovative phyto-complex extracted from the Boswellia plant native to India. L’Oréal research scientists discovered that the extract of this plant, in conjunction with the mineral manganese, actually helps smooth out the lines our face muscles make and can lead to younger-looking skin.

How Wrinkle De-Crease Works

The muscles in the face create micro-contractions every time we make an expression. Each Wrinkle De-Crease product actually helps minimize the visual effects these contractions ultimately have on the skin. The exceptional moisturizing action softens and smoothes out the skin in a very efficacious way.

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