Youth Code® Texture Perfector™ Serum Concentrate

Product Benefits

Scientifically developed for all skin tones and types, Youth Code® Texture Perfector™ Serum Concentrate helps improve skin quality over time. L’Oréal Laboratories have identified three dimensions that define the quality of ideal skin: texture, pores, and fine lines.

PERFECTS SKIN QUALITY. REFINES THE LOOK OF PORES, FINE LINES, AND UNEVEN TEXTURE. 78% of women saw a difference in just one week.*

Touch: skin’s texture is instantly smoothed for a velvet touch.
Look: in one week, pores look reduced and tightened.
Feel: in one month, fine lines look visibly minimized, skin’s quality looks improved and ideal skin is revealed.

*On improvement of skin quality.

Innovations & Ingredients

Introducing a formula with LR2412: a powerful ingredient in the formula that visibly corrects the look of skin.

Perline-P: an association of three perfecting ingredients in a formula that helps optimize the quality of skin’s surface in three dimensions: pores, texture, and fine lines.

Youth Code<sup>®</sup> Texture Perfector™ Serum Concentrate

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