They tried it

Men Expert Nettoyant sébo-régulateur

Men Expert Oil Controller Cleanser

59% of men use face care products.

83% of men want a product that deeply cleanses.

62% of men want a product that treats acne.

65% of men want a product that is for oily skin.

72% of men want a product that provides a scrubbing effect.


24 years old. He tested:

Having oily skin during the summer is always really tough, especially when you factor in the humidity of Montreal. At the end of the day, I always feel like my face is shiny and greasy with a pimple around the corner. That’s why every morning and night before moisturizing, I use the Oil Controller Cleanser by Men Expert. It deep cleanses my skin and eliminates any shine. The cool micro beads even seem to unclog my pores so no zits ever appear.

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