Healthy Look Crème Gloss

Healthy Look Crème Gloss Product Line

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  • Healthy Look 2B Blue Black
    Healthy Look
    2B Blue Black
  • Healthy Look
    5mm vibrant Mahogany
  • Healthy Look 9c Iced Light Blonde
    Healthy Look
    9c Iced Light Blonde

Peer Reviews

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50 Shades of Grey (Hair): L’Oreal Paris Healthy Look Creme Gloss Color Review

by Makeup by Merry, August 17, 2012

“What did I love about it? My hair did look shinier and healthier after usage. It was actually non-drip, super quick, and I loved the Healthy Shine Conditioner with Royal Jelly, which could be used for up to 6 weekly treatments.”

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Pump Up Your Red Life with L’Oréal Paris Healthy Look Crème Gloss

by How To Be a Redhead, May 2012

“We […] wanted to tell you about a must-have “redhead friendly” product: L’Oréal Paris Healthy Look Crème Gloss. It is truly a redhead’s dream because it is quick and easy, doesn’t wash out for 28 washes […] and the color red is astonishingly beautiful.”

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Tips & Tricks

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Your Dream Colour

by L'Oréal Paris Canada

Can haircolour have an effect on your personality? Absolutely. Anytime you change your look, you reveal a different you. New hair can enhance your mood, style, and confidence, and change the way other people perceive you…

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Haircolour Basics

by L’Oréal Paris Canada

Tip 1: Wash your hair the day before, not the day of, colouring. Doing this enables the natural oils in your scalp to act as a buffer when you are applying haircolour or lightener. Tip 2: For the most even end results…

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