Expert Advice with Elisabeth Bouhadana,
our Scientific Communication Director


What does it mean for hair to lack thickness?

Due to a lack of substance in the hair fibre, women can face several issues.
Hair is limp: In addition to a reduced diameter, experts point out a lack of firmness and bounce.
Hair is harder to manage: Hair that lacks thickness is difficult to style or shape. It is also more sensitive to the effects of static electricity.
Rapid re-greasing: Observations show that fine hair re-greases more quickly than other hair types.


How does Fibralogy solve the problem of hair lacking thickness?

The formulas with Filloxane coat the hair fibre and provide substance from within. The combination of its properties and those of hair allow Filloxane to remain inside for a cumulative thickening effect.


How does Fibralogy penetrate and transform the hair from within?

The key is its flexible material. The Filloxane molecule is a three-dimensional structure that has a double balance: organic and mineral.
This property lets Filloxane stick to the hair and create multiple connections. Filloxane is carried by water and can stick to the hair when the water goes away.


Does Fibralogy have long-term results?

Yes. With each use, Filloxane deeply penetrates the hair fibre and expands from within.
Even after 10 washes* without the Fibralogy shampoo, we still detect Filloxane deposits in the hair.

*Persistence measured by presence of Filloxane on hair after 10 classical shampoos.


Fibralogy reinforces hair by expanding from within. Does the diameter of the hair increase?

Yes. Filloxane increases the diameter of the hair fibre by several microns per hair. Over a whole head of hair, this gives the impression of mass.

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