Jane Fonda, an absolute icon for femininity, reveals her desires after turning 70. She talks about her age, her life, her desires and her haircolour...

How do you feel at the dawn of 77 years old?

I feel fantastic! Now that I’m in my third act, I realize that I’m happier in a new, deeper kind of way. I’m rarely stressed. I think when you’re inside oldness as opposed to looking at it from the outside it’s not so scary. You realize, you're still yourself -- maybe even more so than before -- and you embrace it.

What does “aging with grace” mean to you?

Age has long been seen as a pathology. I see it not as pathology, but as potential. One third of aging is genetic -- there isn't much we can do about that. But that means that two-thirds of how well we do in the third act, we can do something about. I really think aging with grace is mostly a state of mind. It means growing more self-confident, more forgiving of yourself and others and above all staying interested and taking care of yourself. If I look good for my age it’s because I’ve stayed curious and healthy.

According to you, what does a woman’s hair reveal about her personality?

A woman’s hair reveals a lot about her state of mind. After all, hair does come straight out of the head. Hair is very symbolic; it’s something that is deeply tied to one’s identity. From brown to platinum blonde to ash blonde, my hair has had many shapes and colours throughout my life, each of them represented a fundamental change in who I was.

What could make you give up on colouring your hair?

Maybe if I was sure my real grey would be beautiful I’d stop colouring, but I think I feel more me as a blonde. It looks authentic on me.

What do you expect from a haircolour today?

The colour should be flattering and my hair should feel cared for and look lively and healthy.