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Imagine Perfect Skin, Even at Pixel Level!

Discover the magic of science in Texture Perfector, for flawless skin that appears transformed.

The key to this revolutionary technology is its unique combination of LR2412 and Perline-P, two powerful ingredients that help deliver a more even looking skin tone, tightened pores, and refined skin that’s silky to the touch.

What is LR2412?

LR2412 is an exclusive patented molecule used by L’Oréal that – much like jasmonic acid found in plants – allows for strong bioavailability towards the epidermis.

LR2412 helps preserve the barrier function of the epidermis and acts as an exfoliating agent to help remove skin’s corneal cells.

How does LR2412 work?

A concentration of 2% LR2412 provides an exfoliating action on the surface of the epidermis without disrupting its balance to help the formula soften the surface of skin.

Perline-P: the perfect complement to LR2412

L’Oréal Laboratories paired LR2412 with Perline-P, a plant complex with multiple properties to develop a formula that:

  1. Tightens pores and refines skin’s texture;
  2. Softens the skin.

The Texture Perfector results!

Clinically proven for all skin types

Clinical studies were conducted under dermatological control on multi-ethnic panels that included women of all skin types.

Self-assessments of the serum (LR2412 + Perline-P)

A multicenter clinical study was conducted on a multi-ethnic panel of 222 female volunteers (56 African American, 56 Asian, 54 Caucasian and 56 Hispanic). They applied the serum on their faces daily, morning and night, for four weeks.

Percentage of participants who reported: T1S T4S
Skin texture looks refined 70 79
Pores look less visible 74 77
Pores look tightened 70 76
Complexion looks more even 70 77
Skin quality looks improved 78 84
Skin texture looks transformed 67 81

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