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The "pixel-perfect-looking skin" interview with Joëlle Ciocco

Joëlle Ciocco, L’Oréal Paris Facial Expert

Our skin and facial expert tells us about her vision of pixel perfect looking skin, and her secrets to obtain it…

According to you, what is a perfect looking skin?

A perfect looking skin is a glowing, refined, nourished and even skin; it is also soft, without signs of daily stress, nor fatigue.

How do we recognise a beautiful skin?

A beautiful skin can be seen at first glance.The person is radiant, hence the French expression “être bien dans sa peau” - literally “being well in one’s skin”: feeling good about yourself.

A beautiful skin is even, with no redness or blotches, and reflects the light perfectly. It is soft to the touch, well moisturised, with no roughness or signs of dryness. The pores are tightened and even. The skin is healthy, feels comfortable with no tight feeling. In short, it is perfect!

What does a beautiful skin involve for women in their thirties today?

Women in their thirties undergo decisive changes as regards their lives and their skin, like the arrival of their first child, an absorbing job, stress or fatigue. They come to me with skins that are often neglected. Even if they do not yet feel concerned by signs of ageing, they are very aware of everything that can be seen: an irregular skin texture, enlarged pores, dull complexion, shiny skin, imperfections, scars and dark circles round the eyes. But they often forget that to have or preserve a beautiful skin for a long time, it needs constant care.

What advice as an expert would you give women of thirty to maintain a beautiful skin?

The absolute essential for me, the chief action for having a beautiful skin, is cleansing the face, whether you wear make-up or not.

But the real secret is not to wait for the first visible imperfections to appear to use a face care product. And you must absolutely choose the right one, and use it properly in every context - morning, night and weekends included - even if you stay at home or come home very late.

My secret weapon for beautiful skin Building up a little tool box for perfect looking skin: a cleanser, a face care product, one for the area around the eyes, and a beauty cream for good and bad skin days.

You have created epidermology: does this mean that the epidermis is more important to have a beautiful skin?

One thing is certain: the cutaneous ecosystem needs to be preserved if you want to have a beautiful skin.

A beautiful skin is the result of a host of tiny, essential biological events: these events take place in the epidermis. So the epidermis is the key: it is the only living layer that constantly renews itself, and whose changes can be seen on the surface.

My advice is to take care of your epidermis to combat all external stress - it’s a real shield against ageing!

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