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Superior Preference Application Instructions

Before You Colour

  • Do a skin allergy test by cleansing a quarter sized area of skin in the bend of your elbow. Using a plastic utensil, mix a small amount of the formula and apply a small portion of it to your skin.
  • Do not wash test area for 48 hours to see if reaction occurs. If there is any irritation call a doctor before colouring your hair.
  • Do a strand test by applying colour to a small section of hair before covering your whole head. This will give you an idea of how long to keep the colour mixture on in order to achieve your desired results and gives you a nice preview of what your hair will look like.

All Over Colour Application
Choose All Over Colour Application if you are:

  • A first-time haircolour user.
  • Want to change haircolour.
  • You have not coloured in 3 months or longer.


Step 1
Put on premium colourist gloves.

Step 2
Twist off the tip of the Colour Optimizing Creme 1 applicator cap and then remove cap from bottle.

Step 3
Pour entire contents of Colour Gel 2 bottle into Colour Optimizing Creme 1 applicator bottle and replace cap securely.

Step 4
Place your gloved finger over open tip. Point away from your face and shake thoroughly until mixture is totally blended.

Step 5
Never leave the tip unopened after mixing – the container may burst.


Step 1
Apply Superior Preference® colour mixture immediately to dry, unwashed hair.

Step 2
Use the applicator to squeeze mixture onto hair. For hair with resistant gray, apply to gray areas first.

Step 3
Work gently through hair as you would a shampoo.

Step 4
Use enough mixture to saturate your hair; then loosely pile your hair on top of your head. Short hair does not require using all of the mixture.

Step 5
If any mixture gets on your skin, wipe it off with a damp towel.

Step 6
Do not save any unused mixture; the container may burst.

For hair with little or no gray: 25 minutes. For gray hair: leave on for an additional 10 minutes.

When time is up, add a small amount of warm water to hair and work into lather. Then rinse with warm water until water runs clear. If mixture gets into your eyes, rinse immediately with lukewarm water.

Apply enough Care Suprême® Colour-Saving Conditioner 3 to thoroughly saturate your hair. Massage through hair. Leave on for 2 minutes. Rinse with warm water until water runs clear. Style as usual.

Re-Condition Weekly
To help protect colour against fading, replenish moisture, and optimize shine, use Care Suprême® Colour-Saving Conditioner once a week after shampooing. Care Suprême® is enriched with Anti-Oxidant Vitamin E and UV filter to help colour defy fade-out and dry-out. Package contains enough for up to 6 weekly applications.

Tip: Maintaining Your Haircolour
To cover new growth and to keep your colour rich and beautiful, reapply Superior Preference® every four to six weeks and use Vive Pro Colour Vive shampoo

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